Circus Life

by GypsyFingers

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This is the way we live our lives today. Long gone's the romance that we see in the Shakespeare plays. Stay out late at night. Take life bite by bite. She's looking for someone a little more original. Phone got no credit; my bank won't debit. This body that I want to buy, I can't afford it. Its so obvious to the rest of us, despite your heart of gold babe your losing focus. Save up for this, spend it all on that. i've changed my mind about him, now I think he is a twat and not so long ago a young man romeo fell in love as soon as he met the young Julliette. Despite her love so true she wouldn't end her life for you… I've been sitting here, drinking, my empty glass has got me thinking, bottled up thoughts, and tensions, putting my life in suspension. A glass full inspiration, to loosen my mind of constipation, I have a laugh at the irony, at how this entity contains and escapes identity. A kink in my thoughts, a stitch in the process, restless nights are combating the progress, silent protest consider that virtue, all I think about is different ways to hurt you, carried away with how its supposed to be, and overwhelmed by an old solliloquoy, so Yo oh where for art thou? Knight in shining armour! With anticipation my heart will always flutter... This is the way we live our lives today. So many questions that we no longer know how to say. Wish that I could find someone to read my mind.
Born out of freedom to a world thats not my own. My mother roped and shackled -I could see her bones. I knew this life was full of lies. The others told me with their eyes. At first I fought but quickly learnt the sense of pain. My master beat me, I was weighed down by the shame. I learnt my duty to perform. We worked all night and through the dawn. brightly coloured fabric, shiny jewels stuck to my eyes. The light reflected the crystal tears that I cried. My circus life is just for you. Show's over, now what will you do? I've travelled far and wide, no knowledge have i gained. Its hard to see that far from my stall where I'm chained. The trumpet band begins to play. This is just another day.
Get yourself out of town. You’re causing trouble all around and only you and I know why. Naughty boy, you were bad, you sent me completely mad but only you and I know why ooh. Go on and take the 2.15 I wanna see you really leaving and when that train is all out of sight I'm going to cry. it was the words I should have recognised. Romantic fire lit the corner of yours eyes.I had fallen in love with my hearts demise with you... Try to be the tamer of the shrew But I've stuck my fingers to my toes with glue. There’s a secret all about it that I wish I knew for you...
Shadows in the doorways flicker down the halls. My mind is slowly turning as the flames are growing tall. When all my thoughts are empty I will fill them with your face. I could lose all my possessions but it’s you I can’t replace. Dry your eyes. Its not our last goodbye I will return to you my love my own The silence it is deafening and it echoes in my mind I fumble in the darkness because my love for you is blind. Thirsty for your tenderness and hungry for your love so i pray to all the devils and I curse the gods above. Whichever path you’re taking I’ll be walking down that road. I know your heart is aching and I hope you’ll find your way back home again. I’ll meet you at the end.
I don't know where I stand with you - Your mate, your date, your human glue? Uncertain of my position and where I stand in situations. I don't know where I stand with you but, sometimes I feel I do and on the contrary I am growing weary of the regular let downs lead to emotional come-downs, follows a shift a narrow-minded lift you know of my strength and weakness but not of a tortured mind from sickness. I don't know where I stand with you so, give me a clue. Who am I to you…? You hold the knife, play god to the mortal life. A match to a spark gives hope to the dark. I know I don't consider others, perhaps sometimes not much even my brothers. I’m used to people who don't care, a stigma to which I wouldn’t dare consider perhaps that someone might be willing to fight, but, If you will it that you wont then, i'll be gone by boat where the sea is so rough, where there aren't enough vessels to float and follow the ghost but, if you say it that what I will, then stay I will still but, know I looking deep into your eyes, well... will I? Who am I to you...? I am not assuming, nor am I alluding to a direction somewhat romantic but I am baffled by your tactics. Hurt by an attitude I wallow in my solitude so take it or leave it go ahead exceed it tell me something honest abide by it, promise. this may seem quite extreme. Carried away like a leaf on a stream, I express myself in poetic words as I struggle to speak in other worlds. Who am I to you...? I'm not inspired particularly by love but just the things that I'm thinking of. So tell me where I stand with you please tell me that I stand by you. Who am I to you...?
On my journey I've got juice for when I'm thirsty. Seeking a remedy to put my mind at ease... You can dig a hole into my soul which is hollow like a bowl. Getting deeper and darker, but not weaker the feeder of what I know is stepping over my toes and getting under my skin. I'm becoming thin. I know those doctors and nurses they carry curses in their purses - I'm not ready to go. No no no no no... Misunderstood and fragile are my bones which unfold my only woe taking me faster and faster my feet heart and soles burn. Please take it slow I'm spinning out of control and losing sight of my kin, the world in which I sin. I know those teachers and preachers they leave us speechless with our weakness, I'm not ready to go. No no no no no... On my journey I've got juice for when I'm thirsty. Seeking a remedy to stop me eating me...
Steel bones harden as I grow. Take your words and go from me. Sealed ears deaf to fears. In my rowing boat i'm free. Wounded words you say lead my dreams astray. Turned my mind to meet your kind and turned mine own away. Steel bones harden as I grow. Take your words and go from me. Sealed ears deaf to fears in my rowing boat i'm free. Flesh shed day by day. Was that my mistake? Found no cure as I was before no child inside, anymore. Steel bones harden as I grow. Take your words and go from me. Sealed ears deaf to fears. In my rowing boat I'm free.
I’ve got a lump in my throat. When i try to speak i just choke. Can’t see my way for the smoke. I want this feeling to fade away... I’ve seen your darker inside. It’s got no place left to hide. I know your secret denied. You want this feeling to fade too away... The young child in her heart, close to breaking apart. A thousand tons of tears wept; so many nights she’s not slept. Her cheeks are constantly wet.  She wants this feeling to fade away... Doesn't know where he goes   It quite intensifies woes The blood is drained from her toes, She wants this feeling to fade to away... The young child in her heart, close to breaking apart.
I slammed you down and beat you to it. Bet you thought I couldn’t do it. Thought that I wasn't brave? Well you can see I saved some energy for giving back the things you gave. I would have climbed the highest mountain if you told me to; probably drown myself in fountains singing songs to you but you spared me being the fool & since my life has been really 'fucking cool'. Lately I've been feeling so lazy. Boredom has given me a fever. Tomorrow I'm going to star in my own show. You can come if you wanna... I turned my back just for minute. How could I have know that I'd regret it? You have a tendency to act a clown, but I never thought that you would let me down. I drew my breathe and wiped my tears and I forgave you but looking back I should have left and made you pay dues. I wasn't strong, found it easier to go along with what I knew, what I had known. now my love song. It’s been a while since it all happened. i’ve learnt in life that there’s a big plan. I look around me now see the younger crowds, luagh at all the things I used to feel and how as life goes on I feel less stupid; rekindled faith in little cupid. Ive had a second chance to fall in love at last and understand the meaning of the path of my past... Spend my life contemplating how things should happen. Waste of time because now it doesn't really seem to matter
Boats from the island came to take me away. I’m sick of the silence so give me a reason to stay. Forever changing I try to fit in the shapes. Well I’m bending my body as my heart gently breaks in two. This ship is sailing. It drifts in the breeze but I keep on dreaming of the wreckage beneath the bottomless ocean where it’s darker than space and there is no light to guide us out of this place and back to you. Tell me your secrets and I’ll tell you mine. The ones worth you keeping become worthless with time when we count money in millions and we’re all millionaires and all that it’s worth is just a bucket of air, maybe two.



Penny Black Music:
"There have been many albums that have surprised this weary set of ears this year, but none that have pushed boundaries while still creating some of the most beautiful and inspiring music in the way that ‘Circus Life’ has. There really isn’t a dull moment here. There is so much to discover and appreciate and with each listen the album opens up to reveal more of its beauty; it really is stunning."

God Is In The TV: 4 STARS*
"a record with a freewheeling spirit, full of gentle persuasion and wonder."

Music Musings & Such: 9.8/10
"One of the finest albums I have heard all year."

Whisperin & Hollerin: 8/10
"an album packed with magical little gems and evocative musical nuggets."

AAA Music: 4/5
"Fresh, Playful and Innovative"


released August 25, 2014

Produced, Recorded, & Mixed by Luke Oldfield at Tilehouse Studios.


all rights reserved



GypsyFingers London, UK

Gypsyfingers are an Alternative folk, rock & pop duo founded by Victoria & Luke Oldfield (son of Tubular Bell's Mike Oldfield). Gypsyfingers is a collaboration of two artists whose contrasting influences and backgrounds combine to create a fresh sounding fusion of folk, rock, pop, classical & electronic praised by R2 Magazine for being "as inventive as anything you'll hear any time soon. ... more

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